How the youth suffers from lack of skills and not unemployment

unemployment solutions in india

How the youth suffers from lack of skills and not unemployment

By the year 2020, India will be witnessing an economic shift where 65% of the Indian population will be under 35 age mark, which will be a tremendous advantage to our country’s economy, provided necessary steps are taken, and one of the unemployment solutions in India. According to Indian Labor Organization’s reports, the number of unemployed in India will raise to 18.6 million in 2018 and 18.9 million by 2019. By these statistics it can be clearly seen that increase in unemployment rate is causing severe depression among the youth. If the younger generation doesn’t work then it effects the future of our economy more than anything else. Based on the reports given by National sample survey only 10% of 470 million working population were properly trained & gained benefits from skilled employment opportunities. Having majority of unemployed youth can effect an entire generation. It is really painful to see a well-educated students applying for a job which is lower than their academic qualification. Situations like these raise questions whether the problem lies in the education system or in the country as it is not able to provide the right jobs.

The government of India has been putting a lot of efforts to solve this issue in many ways but the problem still persists as all the efforts are being useless.

In general, the common factors that can cause unemployment are –

  1. Overpopulation
  2. Lack of job opportunities
  3. Lack of right skills

We totally disagree with the given reasons, as we can find job vacancies unattended about 25%, then what is the problem?

The Elephant in the room

The real problem is not because of lack of opportunities, it is because of lack of right skills. More than 80% of the students in India have so far picked engineering as their career choice. Lakhs of students are graduating every year. How will a developing country like India can provide jobs for so many graduates in the same field at the same time? Many Engineering graduates have turned their career choices to different fields like teaching, business administration, accounting, etc. Apart from these career choices there are many other sectors where engineers are working. Instead of worrying about the unemployment, it’s now time to fight back at the weak structure that our younger generations are suffering from. This is the right time to guide the future generations about their career paths and unemployment solutions in India.

Train the students

unemployment solutions in India. India is a country where its culture focuses mainly on academics and professional qualifications. But today, due to the tense situation in the nature of business, traditional educational qualifications are not helpful. Companies have to develop customized personality and soft skills development programs focusing on body language, work ethics, time management, communication skills and team management. Companies should also offer career counseling, vocational training and guidance through internships to graduates. The major benefits of job training are as follows –

  1. Adaptability: While Working in a corporate environment we have to face different challenges, cultures and a variety of people. Having cultural differences is a major advantage. We can get to learn about new ideas and mindsets.
  2. Negotiation: The work you do might require you to cut deals and trade ideas which help you in securing a better life and improve business of your company
  3. Time Management: “Time is more valuable than money” it’s very important to learn how to effectively we should use time and bring the most out of it.
  4. Multitasking: Your skills might require you to work simultaneously on multiple things at work. Minimizing errors and increasing productivity is a prime skill.
  5. Body Language: “Action speaks louder than words”. The way a person behaves can tell us, what type of a person he/she is. This can impact our decision- making skills. On the other hand, we should be aware of our own body language.
  6. Communication skills: Expressing one’s thoughts, ideas & beliefs by speech or through words is very important because this helps us in understanding different perspectives & builds better relationships.

Entrepreneurial Drive:

When we talk about unemployment, Entrepreneurship and self-employment are the most important things because these are the major sources of job creation and economic growth. Traditional jobs are disappearing as the new jobs are being created. We need to find a solution to fight about the conflict between demand and supply. When it comes to skilled workforce and employment opportunities entrepreneurship plays an important role in economic growth in the following ways:

  1. Generating employment:
    Irrespective of being educated they still remain unemployed which is the major drawback in the nation. Present employment opportunities can serve only 5% - 10% of the unemployed. Business ownership will generate employment in many ways. Either by self-employment or by starting industries which can offer jobs to millions.
  2. Creating a better standard of living
    Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in winning a higher rate of growth in the economy. Based on the requirements entrepreneurs are producing high quality goods at lower prices. Decrease in the prices will directly lead the consumers to buy more goods.
  3. Growth in innovation:
    Apart from production an entrepreneur always seeks for new changes and introduction of new ideas. Economic development can place only through new ideas and innovation. The development of entrepreneurship through innovation is unavoidable.

A career plan for every student:

Proper career guidance should be provided to the youth instead of blindly making them join engineering, we can categorize them based on their skills to build a strong workforce which can serve the country.

Countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden have best employment models and personalized career plans to help them gain required training & skills followed by employment.

We should keep in mind that being a graduate alone can’t guarantee a long term job for anyone, they need to be skilled. There are more than 3,350 engineering colleges in India out of which around 14, 73,890 students graduate every year.

Recent studies by ‘Aspiring minds’ has shown that not even 7% of engineers are eligible for employment out of which students were mainly from National level engineering colleges. The simple reason is: Not all students are meant to be Engineers.


Young people lacking appropriate skills are not eligible for any job. There are very few jobs in the required field. This is the prime time when we should rethink about the issue clearly and organize students as per their skills. If a student is good at doing medicine, he should be sent to medicine instead of engineering. There is a real need for examining students’ skills and guide them through their career choices accordingly.This might not completely eradicate the problem of unemployment but can decrease the pressure on engineering sector as well as open up new opportunities for skilled resources. Rather than being an average student in engineering sector they might perform really well in a career field which matches their skills. Edge is the best unemployment solutions in India.

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